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Turism in Margalef

The village of Margalef de Montsant

You can fish and bathe in the clear but cold waters of the river Montsant. From the reservoir of Margalef, about 2 km upstream, you can make fantastic excursions, both along the river and up to the mountain, or go through the Cova de la Taverna (see activities)

Ascending Montsant, at about 3,5 km, we find the hermitage of Sant Salvador. It was built in the 16th Century and restored after being burnt down in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War. The bell was requisitioned to be molten for ammunition, and later substituted by a shell case. For public use, in its vicinity are stone tables and barbecues without risk of fire (always follow indications from park staff or competent authority). The spring has never interrupted the water flow until today. Its cold water is a remedy for rheumatism according to local people.

Other options for adventure sports

The Sierra Mayor natural park is ideal for trekking and mountain biking, the landscape and topography offer adventurous and adrenaline-filled routes. Margalef is a stop for cyclists who make the route of the Mediterranean, as they are captivated by the view of the landscape and the hospitality of the place.


Natural swimming pool, El toll de les noies.

The region, El Priorat

El Priorat is one of the counties in Catalonia with fewer population (10,000 inhabitants). The population decreased steadily during the last century from 18,500 inhabitants in 1900. At present the dynamics of the wine appellations Montsant DO and Priorat DOQ, together with that of the oil Siurana DOP and the possibility of irrigation from the dam at Margalef, this loss of population seems lower.

El Priorat is crossed by the valleys of the rivers Siurana and Montsant. Between the two rivers lies Serra de Montsant (1.166m) currently a natural park. It is a mountainous region surrounded by other mountain ranges with outstanding points like the mountains of Prades with Gritella, Serra de l’Argentera with Mola Colldejou, Serra de Llaberia with Montalt, Serra del Tormo with Balcó del Priorat, Serra de Gorraptes with Junquet, Serra de la Llena with Crestes. The soils of El Priorat occur mainly in silicic materials such as slate and granite, formed in ancient geological times. However calcareous rocks from the Quaternary dominate in the northwest. 

Margalef oil mill Museum

Visit the oil mill of Margalef, a new cultural facility for public use of the nature park, and the new center of interpretation of oil and productive economies of Montsant, destined to be a space for the natural and cultural heritage of Montsant.

From the rehabilitation of an oil mill of the 1933 founded Margalef, you want to give to know the evolution of the landscape of Montsant, raise awareness about the sustainability of the olive oil sector and encourage the consumption of a product of prestige. Through a guided itinerary, entertaining and didactic way, aims to teach the process of oil production from experience the entrance in a mill in operation.