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CA Calbet, ideal for climbers and hikers

In Ca Calbet we receive each year hundreds of national and international climbers, they find in our House the best place to stay while they are in Margalef. In Ca Calbet we know the preferences of the lovers of climbing and we strive to provide you with the best experience while you are enjoying the practice of this sport. We offer you:


Nothing better than a good night’s sleep after an intense day in the rock. Ca Calbet makes your sleep deeper, surrounding you with calm and silence.  


Our comfortable rooms, heating and individual bathrooms, will allow you to recharge you and be at the maximum energy the next day. In addition, we have television and wi-fi to the annoying (but unavoidable) days of rest and leisure. You can also book your room comfortably online.

We  adapt to your schedule

We know that as a climber you need a powerful breakfast and a plentiful and nutritious dinner. Our half board option gives you both and leaves you free rein so that during the day you bring your own food or picnic that we can be prepared. We will agree with you the time meals, so you can make the most of your day, and we will adapt if you have a special diet, such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free (you only ask, please, that you contact us at the time of booking).

Fan friendly

It is very likely that you agree with other climbers during your visit, so you will not be difficult to find (if you wish) with whom chat during the dinner of the adventures of the day, team mates, or someone who you closer by car to the sector, as well as tips and recommendations on the best areas and routes. Besides, who knows? You can share some illustrious guest stay, it would not be the first time!

Margalef deserves that you can make the most of your rock climbing trip, and Ca Calbet is the ideal place to do so. We look forward! 


Our rooms

Blue room #2

Double room in a calm blue toning. There is a loft with an extra single bed that you access by a ladder.

Yellow room #3

Twin-bedded room with a friendly light yellow toning. It is larger than room number 2. And is furnished with an auxiliary furniture unit convertible into a single bed, eventually suitable for a couple with two children.

Salmon room #5

Distributed on two levels. This time in refined salmon toning.

Celebrations and meetings

Our house is a cozy place for meetings and celebrations